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We Help Communities Stay Prepared & Safe

Always at your service.

Why Choose Us
Allied Training and Emergency Consulting (ATEC) is a dedicated, compliance-focused state-of-the-art Non-Profit (501c3) training and consulting agency that delivers the highest levels of training, education, and consulting knowledge to its clients. As a corporation devoted to the public good, ATEC is an innovative leader in the fields of training and education, emergency preparedness, firematics, emergency medical service operations, and site safety and security.
Although ATEC has only been serving the communities of New Jersey since January of 2023, our team’s knowledge and experience brings over 100 years of service to the fields we work in daily. ATEC’s mission is customer-centered and inspired by service. At ATEC, our paramount priority is our customers’ wants and needs. By building connections with the communities in which we serve, ATEC builds trust, accountability, and transparency.

Allied Training and Emergency Consulting

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